Car Carriers

Since 1970, when “K” Line deployed TOYOTA MARU No.10 as Japan’s first PCC (Pure Car Carrier), we have been recognized as a pioneer in safe and prompt transportation of passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles. We are actively upgrading the fleet and working to improve transportation quality.

Service Profile

“K” Line — Pioneer in Automobile Transport 

As a pioneer in the transport of automobiles using pure car carriers (PCC), “K” Line provides services for the safe and timely transport of completely built-up cars (CBU). “K” Line entered the CBU transport service in 1970 with the Toyota Maru No. 10, Japan’s first PCC. Since then, we have steadily upgraded our fleet to raise transport quality even further.

Safety in Navigation and Environmental Preservation

“K” Line not only makes unstinting efforts to transport CBU safely and without causing damage during the loading and unloading operations and navigation, we are also making fleet upgrades to improve environmental performance. Upgrades include the use of fuel tanks placed within a triple-bottom structure to prevent oil leaks and protect the environment with enhanced fuel tank protection performance in the event of damage to the ship. We also adopted electrically controlled engines on PCC for the first time. Computer control of fuel injection timing and the opening and closing of exhaust valves reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and cuts soot and carbon dioxide during low-load operation. We are actively working to reduce environmental impact through the use of various cutting-edge technologies such as particulate matter-removal equipment that uses ceramic filters to prevent soot dispersion.

Service Routes
Far East to Oceania Service
Thailand to Oceania Service