About "K" Line Australia

Kawasaki Australia Pty Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of Japan’s Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (“K” Line) and was established in 1970 to represent “K” Line’s interests and business in Australia. The company originally operated as a regional office to promote “K” Line’s shipping business of Container, Bulk and Car Carrier services.

In 1996, a new company, “K” Line (Australia) Pty Ltd, was established to take over the total shipping agency and operations of “K” Line at all ports in Australia.

“K” Line’s worldwide fleet of more than 430 vessels consists of Dry Bulk Vessels, Thermal Coal Carriers, Car Carriers (PCC), LNG Carriers and other Tankers as well as Short Sea & Coastal vessels.

“K” Line has established itself as a true worldwide major shipping line. It moves in excess of 3 million motor vehicles annually, and over 100 million tons of Dry Bulk cargoes such as iron ore, coal, grain, steel, bauxite, nickel ore and salt.

At “K” Line our aim is to help make the lives of people more affluent. As a partner trusted by all its stakeholders, we aim for sustainable growth and greater corporate value by supporting the infrastructure of the global community.

Corporate Principle and Vision of the “K” LINE Group

Corporate Profile

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The History Of “K” Line: Pioneering and Innovation

The History Of “K” Line: Pioneering and Innovation

The history of “K” Line is a story of early pioneering and continuous innovation that resulted in the formation of our present, state-of-the-art, worldwide network that is recognized as one of the major marine transport operations in the 21st Century. It is a story of constant commitment to unique strategies with a spirit dedicated to overcoming difficult challenges. “K” Line has built a proud tradition for its trendsetting that distinguishes it in the maritime shipping industry through its sensitivity to changing times and progressive activity, agile business activities.