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Car Carrier

As a pioneer in the transport of automobiles using pure car carriers (PCC), "K" Line provides services for the safe and timely transport of completely built-up cars (CBU)

Dry Bulk Carrier

We offer transport services for raw materials such as coal, iron ore, grain (wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.), woodchips and pulp.


"K" Line provides marine transport of crude oil, oil products, LPG and other petrochemical products.


"K" Line group is developing air and ocean freight forwarding by "K" Line Logistics, Ltd. (KLL) and other group companies.

Terminal Operations

"K" Line operates container terminals in Japan, USA and Europe that serve as links between sea and land in container transportation business.


April 2018 saw the merger of the containership businesses of three companies— “K” LINE, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, and NYK Line—to form a new company, called Ocean Network Express (ONE)

LNG Carrier

“K” LINE provides transport services for LNG, which is used for electricity generation and city gas, attracting attention for its environmental friendliness of green energy.


PrixCar Services is an automotive logistics company specialising in Vehicle Transport, Vehicle Processing and Storage, Fleet Conversions and Dealer Vehicle Storage.

The History Of "K" Line: Pioneering and Innovation

The history of “K” Line is a story of early pioneering and continuous innovation that resulted in the formation of our present, state-of-the-art, worldwide network that is recognized as one of the major marine transport operations in the 21st Century.
It is a story of constant commitment to unique strategies with a spirit dedicated to
overcoming difficult challenges. “K” Line has built a proud tradition for its trendsetting that distinguishes it in the maritime shipping industry through its sensitivity to changing times and progressive activity, agile business activities.

Our Story


Kawasaki Australia Pty Ltd a 100% owned subsidiary of Japan’s Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (“K” Line) was established in 1970 to represent “K” Line’s interest and business in Australia. The company originally operated as a regional office to promote “K” Line’s shipping business of Container, Bulk and Car Carrier services.


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